The Balgonie Tourney

The Superstar and her teammates played their last volleyball tournament yesterday. It was a bit bittersweet watching them play, knowing that this year (her first) is already finished. I'm glad they went. They have really improved since they started out a few months ago.

A super big thanks to her coach Miss. Harrison for all her time and effort. She was a positive, you can do it, kind of coach and as a parent it was nice to see her play them all, and cheer for them all, and keep her cool when they were losing. She was really great!

I still have a hard time believing how grown up she looks in these pictures. Amazing!

Well. We didn't have much time to mourn the passing of the volleyball season. The Superstar is at her first basketball practice this morning. Oh help! Here we go again!

Yay Broncs!!!


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