Skating, Frost and Flowers

The first of many years of rink life for misterman...

The above sequence is Preschool Skate in a nutshell. Fall down (in misterman's case, giggle a lot), wait for an older girl to notice you, batt your eyelashes, she helps said cute fella up and skates away, meanwhile misterman totters forward a few steps, bails, lands on his butt, laughs hysterically, looks around to see if one of us has seen this hilarious moment, and still giggling, looks around for another older girl. Repeat...

Thank goodness it only last a half an hour! So every Monday and Thursday night from now until March we will be the beaming rink parents of a Preschool Skate Canada Member. Join us if you dare!

In other news, we were visited by ice fog last night. It's a common occurance in the prairies, and it leaves behind the most amazing hoar frost. This is the view out of one of my kitchen windows (forgive the telephone wires).

My poor apple tree got hit too. She looks lovely though!

Inside my house, maybe in response to the onset of winter, my flowering plants are, flowering. My Christmas Cactus is going crazy, covered in lovely hot pink blossoms and my favorite Spiderplant from my girlfriend Bridie is flowering again. I love the blossoms, they are simple and pretty.

And my Lipstick Plant is showing my it's very first flowers! I love the bold red and the hairy tubes!

Happy weekend!


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