Happily Ever After

I woke up this morning to this...

We've gotten about 15cms and it's still snowing. I don't mind the snow, I like winter. I get to wear nice hand knitted sweaters and mittens and scarves and toques. I don't like the -5o kind of winter and that is coming. But right now it's nice and warm (just hovering around -1) and the snow is pristine and fluffy.

I'm not really blogging about snow though. I'm blogging about my fingerless mittens I finished this afternoon for the Superstar. The pattern is called Happily Ever After Mitts by Susan B Anderson. Yet another awesome free pattern from my favorite knitting guru. I made these out of some stash yarn that my in laws brought me and that makes me happy. I'm always glad to knit down my stash! The yarn is called Scheepjeswol Voluma and is from the Netherlands. It's a DK weight acrylic/mohair and knits up super well. I'm really pleased with it. In fact I'm casting on for a matching hat right away.

Life is good!

And before you ask, no my living room floor is not dirty (well maybe it is!) those spots are what is left of the carpet underlay that fused itself to my lovely fir floors probably about 40 years ago. I spent an afternoon scrubbing at those spots and nothing. So they are waiting for the moment that we rent an industrial sander and take those old fir floors from blah, to fabulous.

That day is coming...

Here's wishing you a happy snow day!


  1. ooh, I love your stripey arm warmers, and I'm jealous of your snow! I'm totally ready for snow now too.


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