Happy Friday the 13th!

Are you a person that believes in all the bad juju of  Friday the 13th? I'm not. Instead I like to see it as a day of freedom and indulgence.

When I celebrate Friday the 13th, I do things a little more on the wild side: like drink that extra glass of wine, read that steamy romance book, binge watch the whole series, eat all the chips, etc... Indulge in the shouldn'ts just a bit!

This Friday comes at the end of a few days of spectacular cold here in my part of Canada. We've had overnight temps of -30C with windchill values of over -46C. So cold! Crazy cold! Put on all the layers kind of cold. Thankfully we've also had a beautiful full moon the last few days too.

I keep trying to catch a picture of it with my iphone but it's so hard to get a good shot. It looked like a little white dot not the big luminous moon that I was actually seeing. Anyone have any tricks for taking moon pictures on an iphone? I have a good Canon camera sitting in it's case in the closet, I should really start to use that again.

So this full moon was a good for me. I was able to release a few things that aren't working for me and recommit to some that I've been slacking on and celebrate what I'm doing that is working.

For instance:

- I'm rocking my snowshoeing resolution. I've been out 4 of 12 times, a third down! I've gone solo, with Brent and with friends and it's been great. I'll be heading out hopefully a couple more times this weekend.

- I've been slacking on my yoga practice. This is sad. I love yoga. So I'll be getting on my mat tonight and hopefully everyday for the rest of this moon cycle.

- I'm letting go of the meditating every day for 365 days. That one was going to be a stretch and I knew I'd fail but I figured I'd go ahead and commit anyway because any bit of meditation is better than none right? I still plan on sitting on my cushion as often as possible but I'm not going to beat myself up if I miss a day or three...

It was too cold to be outside and create a ritual of letting go but as I drove to work in the morning I was bathed in moonlight the whole way (it was beautiful and distracting!) and I actually spoke my intentions out loud (I drive alone, haha). It was lovely and a great way to start my day.

Next New Moon: Friday January 27th
Next Full Moon: Friday February 10th

Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. Snowshoeing sounds cool and I bet it's a great cardio workout since you have to maneuver those shoes. I'm not superstitious about Friday, the 13th. I'm hostin' Craft Night tonight so I ran around a bit this morning to prep for it and for dinner - classic lasagna.


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