Yarn Along

Today I'm joining in with Ginny over at Small Things for her Yarn Along. You can read a little more about what exactly a Yarn Along is here.

I'm working right now on a sooper secrit test knit so I can't show you a picture yet but I can show you the start of my No More Snow! mittens.

This is a great pattern on Ravelry by YellowCosmo. Kathy (kally on Rav) gifted this pattern to me on November 14, 2011 "just because"... isn't that sweet?! I figured I had better knit them!

And what am I reading to go along with these knits, you ask? Well I'm actually in between books right now. I'm waiting for a book I ordered from Chapters called Paddle: a Long Way Around Ireland. In the meantime I'm revisiting Radical Acceptance by Tara Brach.

Happy Wednesday to you.


  1. Such pretty mittens! I love secret knitting--I have some that I need to get started on.

  2. I like the straight contrast for this mitt. Awesome!

  3. your knitting is beautiful jill! the paddling book sounds interesting, is it really about kayaking? i need to follow your link!


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