Hiking around Cypress

This a picture heavy post because this what we did every day when we were camping. We hiked. We hiked a lot. There are so many trails all over this park we had a hard time choosing the right ones. Turns out each one was perfect.

The first day we hiked over 7 kms on 3 different trails. The first one was called the Prairie Nature Trail. It was an interpretive loop that took us way out to the edge of the park and had great views. 

Josie picked up a cow skull. It was gross. She thought it was a prize of some kind and pranced around with it for a long time.

The next trail was also an interpretive loop that went through totally different terrain. This one was a shady forest much like home (BC) on the one side and on the other it was exposed and dry (which oddly, is also a lot like BC). There was a swampy area in the middle that was shallow and reedy. The dog thought it was grand. So did the kids...

Mr. Man climbed trees and threw rocks was only clean for about 5 minutes every day. Otherwise he was covered in dirt pretty much the whole trip.

The last hike for the day was through a forest and it was lovely. The Superstar stole my camera and snapped about a million pictures of trees, rocks, Mr. Man and her shadow...

I'd share more pictures from the other days, but I'd bore you. They're pretty much the same kind of thing. I totally loved this part of our trip. I love to hike and there was so much to see in Cypress. I can't wait to go again!


  1. thanks for sharing your holiday pics and stories, looks like great country and all that hiking every day, would be challenging.


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