FO - Satsuma Stripes Sweater

I finished a test knit a few months ago for City Purl that I can finally share. She's released the pattern for sale here. My project page is here.

I really love this sweater. I used Sublime Organic Merino Wool DK in cream and taupe. This stuff is so lovely and soft. There are lots of natural shades that I love too. I'd definitely buy more for sure.

The sweater is knit at pretty tight gauge for this yarn but that works to help keep the pilling down. It also makes for a dense warm fabric. This sweater is heavy!

I didn't make any mods because I was test knitting the pattern. To be honest I don't think there would be anything I'd want to change anyway. The fit is fabulous and the instructions were easy to follow.

I think if I knit this again I'd like to do a non striped version or have the stripes worked in a rainbow. Something fun maybe. 


  1. You've got mad knitting skills Jill and the FO is off the chain!


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