Tuesday, July 24, 2012

garden treasures

I have a great garden. It gives me lots of Rhubarb to make these oatmeal bars and can a few quarts of Rhubarb Compote to use in the winter on my oatmeal...

It also gives me glass. Yup. It's the only garden I've ever had that gives me broken pieces of bottles, ceramics and porcelain from 100 years ago. 

I love these gifts the most I think. I keep them by my sink so I can admire them while I do the dishes.

Every year the earth in my garden and flower beds turn up more of these bits of the past. I just add them to my collection of treasures...


  1. I am not sure about those bars. You might need to bring some to New York for us to sample. :) Our garden gives us marbles.

  2. I love that! My garden gives me worms like everyone else's. YOurs is much more interesting!


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