Walking the Ex

We went for a wander over at the Ex tonight. It was beautiful out. Windy enough to keep the monster mosquitoes away and sunny and gorgeous. The flowers there are amazing! I'm in love with a salmon coloured peonie and this beautiful red and white one. 

The pup had a blast romping through the tall grass and so did the kid. Some of the grass was as tall as him. Hilarious!

We saw the beaver (he's huge) but we made too much noise and he dove under the pond. I'd like to go back with out the noisy ones and try again to get a picture.

We also climbed trees. It was all a part of completing a geochallenge. I haven't climbed a tree in ages... Have you?


  1. What a fantastic way to spend time with the kids.

  2. Looks like so much beautiful fun!


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