My first Geocache

I placed my first Geocache on the weekend. It was a nice but super windy day and it took forever for my GPS to pick up the satellite signals.

Anyway I knew from walking the dog through the Veterans Park in our town that I wanted to place a cache there. There's never anyone in the park and it's a really cute little place. The trees and lilac bushes are beautiful and there are quite a few well maintained flower beds. There's some park and picnic benches scattered around too. I think it's a great place to let the kids and dog run and maybe discover a cache at the same time.

If you're not familiar with Geocaching then where have you been?! Follow this link and then watch the video below.

I love this game but I'm not a dedicated player. I like to cache when the snow first melts before all the ticks show up. Now that we have Josie I'm getting over my aversion to ticks. Good thing that, it's a bad tick year and this dog loves the bush! We're always picking ticks off her and each other. Gross...

So I've placed my cache and submitted it to and it's been published! Yay! This is the link to the cache page. You don't have to be a member to see the page but it's free to sign up (so why don't you?).

I also have a few trackables. Trackables are coins, bugs, or other things that have a serial number that allows you track their movement on It's a fun way to get even more involved in the sheer scope of this game. It's worldwide people! This is the cache one of my trackable Girl Guides Coins is in right now. This is the map...

It's in Montreal! I placed it along the Trans Canada Highway with the goal of it travelling the world. Montreal is a world away from Indian Head! I hope it somehow gets carried across the Atlantic. How cool would that be if it made it to Europe and beyond?!

So now I have one hide under my belt and I can think of lots of places to hide a cache in this area. I just need to find some decent containers and a bit of fun swag (stuff to trade). This may be the summer of the Great Treasure Hunt. I better get training the geo-pup!


  1. What fun to read your blog today and see that you too have got the geocaching bug! I've also been bitten and like you see it as an fun 'extra' when out hiking, walking, paddling whatever. I hope your TB makes it to Europe. I have a few out but so far all remain in Canada so far...


  2. Wow, what a fun thing to do!! Now i want to do it too:)


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