Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday is Here!

Well thank goodness. Let me paint you a picture of how my week has been.

It rained. All week. Hard and lots and I'm so glad I got my potatoes in the ground last weekend and that I didn't plant anything else. Yup you heard me right. I'm glad I didn't get my garden planted. Want to know why?

It snowed this morning. Not enough to stick but enough to coat my back steps in ice and make me curse at 5am when I took the pup out to pee. My neighbors have upside down 5 gallon pails placed all over their garden and I bet there are more than a few blankets spread out in back yards protecting precious tomato plants!

B had a birthday mid week and the Superstar was away on Band Trip so we opened a few gifts. He'll get his Maple Cheesecake today and lots more hugs and jokes about his advancing age (from me).

The Superstar is back from her trip and about to do tryouts for the Summer Games (basketball of course). Here is a photo of last weekends tournament. The girls were funny and upbeat and I think they all had fun, at least the Superstar did.

B and I went to a parent meeting yesterday for Kindergarten. Yes, Mr. Man starts school in the fall. I can hardly believe how fast the years have gone. We decided on a theme for his birthday coming up. He's loving Kung Fu Panda so there you go. I have some fun games planned and a cake to make (panda style) and some martial arts dohickies to find for goodie bags... I think it'll be fun to turn the house into a dojo for 5 year olds, or maybe I'm crazy. That could be.

And today we have sun (snow is gone), it's still cold but I'll take it! I finished some socks. They turned out nice and cozy and green.

This weekend I'm planning to:
- finish up Mr. Man's room, do a photo shoot and post about it
- plant the rest of my garden, no tomatoes yet, in case there is more snow (really I think I need to talk the weather people, this is ridiculous already, it's almost June!)
- finish up a wip or 2 (the Gnome Homes and Catching Butterflies)
- and sit in the sun and read or knit or just sit...

How about you? Any big plans?

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