Over Acheiver

Meet Ber. She has a blog and is one of those uber talented crafting mamas. Plus she has the cutest baby ever. And she's an over achiever. Yes I said it.

Over in the Itty Bitty Group we're having a themed swap, Hedgehogs and Hippos. So Ber, being a creative type person went and wrote up a pattern for a hedgehog dishcloth (that's the first picture). A free, easy, cute pattern you can find here.

But that wasn't good enough for her. She made a second pattern (the blue one). Really now, between you and me, that is plenty to brag about but our girl Ber doesn't know when to stop. She put up the third pattern yesterday and it's so cute it's painful.

So there you go. I don't usually post about dishcloths but I will post about Ber anytime...


  1. Very cute dishcloths.
    I used to not think much about hedgehogs but then I received such a cute toy one last year at the SF Ravelry Meet Up; my opinion has definitely changed.

  2. Thanks Jill for such sweet comments. I'm not sure about the over achiever thing but I'm glad you liked the patterns.

  3. Wonderful post! All true about Ber! She's the best! Not too many hedgie cloths to be found, so she made 3! Love your blog, both of you!!!

  4. Those are adorable dishcloths deserving of their own post. Love them and Ber.


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