Odds 'n' Ends

Ok fellow knitters, I'm kind of losing it with my stash lately. I have so many partial balls of yarn and they all seem to sit at the bottom of my yarn bins and get all tangled up. What's a girl to do?

I decided to start a project based on this blanket on Ravelry...

photo by cauch09
I love the scrappiness of it and the colours are bright and fun. Then there is this one that also got me thinking, "hey! I need to make one of these!"

photo by Nasti
I decided to make a smaller version with scraps of worsted and dk wool and alpaca. I have a coffee table that B made and I love it but the top is scarred a bit and it needs a cover. I got a basket of all the yarn I wanted to use up and started knitting.

I got out my 4.5mm straights (haven't used straights in ages) and cast on 21 stitches. I did the entire piece in garter stitch and varied the width of the stripes and the colours... I did do one smaller column where I cast on 11 stitches and knit little squares using three colours of Diamond Yarn Luxury Collection Pillar.

I think the knitting portion is finished now. I have 4 columns and they'll work together perfectly. Unfortunately I have about a bazillion ends to weave in and the seaming yet to do. It's the perfect thing to take to knit night tonight though! And I got rid of lots of the yarn in that basket. I feel like it's a win even though there is still a few hours left to finish it up.


  1. ooh that is neat! Can not wait to see the finished project!

  2. This is going to look so neat Jill when you start sewing them strips up.

  3. Excellent! I think your colors are going to make a beautiful blanket.


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