2012 Resolutions... Part One

I was catching up on some blog posts that I subscribe to this morning when I came across this one on the Unplugged Sunday blog by Jonah Lisa

I like the idea of resolutions but I always seem to fail at them miserably. Well not this year! I love the idea of seasonal resolutions and I think I'll even make some.

So for the first quarter of 2012 I have 2.

1. Keep to my budget... always tough for me... but I have a goal to get to Rhinebeck this fall and I'm committed!

2. To finish what I start... very vague I know but I have a pile of UFO's sitting in a basket calling my name. I want to finish them... I like them, well most of them... I've also stripped the spare room of furniture... I'll start removing wallpaper this weekend. Hopefully I don't loose steam because then I have patching, sanding, priming and painting, and that's just on the walls (there are still baseboards and the ceiling and doors and the floor to get through too)...

So how about you? Do you have any resolutions? More importantly, do you have any tricks that help you keep them?


  1. What a great idea and much less daunting than a year long list of goals.

  2. Very reasonable resolutions, Jill.
    I don't make any b/c I usually break them. But one knitting one I do have is to do some designing this year and no more memes after I finish up the two I'm doing now.
    Maybe have a cute little sign or Post-Its of your resolutions near your stash or something?

  3. Hi Jill! Just wanted to let you know I nominated you for a blog award on my blog. :) Come see!

  4. You will have lots of good company with both of your resolutions! :)


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