Plain and Simple Update

This holiday season I've been knitting like a crazy person trying to finish this top. The pattern is Plain and Simple by Veera Valimaki.

While I like knitting plain stockinette stitch, this much is making my head hurt. I have been using the trick that Jasmin from the Knitmore Girls talked about a few episodes back. See that little blue stitch marker? I add it to my knitting when I start each day and at the end of the day marvel (or not) on how far I got. Most days have been very productive and I'm so close to finishing this puppy that I can almost taste it... or wear it anyway... hopefully...

The yarn I'm using is Palette from Knit Picks in Verdant Heather. It's a really odd mix of olive green, mustard, teal and crimson red that somehow turns into this complex amazing green. I bought 5 balls and I'm almost through with the 4th. I'll have lots left over in the 5th ball but Palette is great for doing colourwork mittens and you all know how much I love knitting a good mitten.

My goal today is to get the collar finished. If I'm super fast and ignore supper and company I may even get the ribbing on the sleeves finished! My poor family!

They haven't been suffering though. They've been eating lots of goodies and playing with new toys. They even got outside to make a friend when it snowed the other day.

If I don't actually meet my goal of finishing this top and posting a picture of me wearing it before (or more likely on) New Years night, then this will probably be my last post until 2012. If so, have a wonderful New Years night and day and may 2012 be filled with more fiber and fun!



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