Monday, October 31, 2011

The Choir

Last week the kids and I went to see our favorite African friend (minus his family this time) Jeremy. He's in Canada with a Masai Choir touring the country raising money to build a school for the Masai Children.

We spent an hour listening to them sing and tell stories of their faith and culture and it was wonderful! I loved every minute. Afterwards we spent some time buying books (they are beautiful!) and bags and beaded stars...

I'm loving the bags something fierce! They will make terrific project bags for knitting and crochet. I wish I bought more, I keep thinking of more people to give them to!

Their story is quite amazing too. All the bags are made by women with AIDs/HIV in Arusha, Tanzania. They work for an organization called SEW, where they make these bags out of recycled and environmentally friendly materials. They are paid a fair wage and their story is printed on the inside of the bag. It's remarkable really that a small bag like this can mean the difference between having enough money to feed your children and barely scraping by.

The Superstar was happy to see Jeremy and scored a beaded pen (she just turned the big 13 last week, more about that, later in another post) and an invite to stay and work in Tanzania when she graduates. So she's on top of the world right now with visions of Africa and adventure playing in her head.

I think this morning I'll start another ING savings account and call it Africa. 'Cause there is no way she's going to Africa without me!

PS -  Thanks Christine for the beautiful bag! I was so happy when Jeremy gave it to me and told me how and why it's being made. Thanks so much for thinking about me!

PPS -  if you want to donate to the Masai School here's the link and if you'd like to donate to the Feser family in Tanzania you can do it here!

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  1. I love that bag in the middle. What a great fair trade; everyone wins.


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