Our first, official, Unplugged Sunday

I read about an interesting idea over on this blog last week.

What is Unplugged Sunday?: "It's about setting aside one day a week to enjoy nature, each other, and all things slow and unplugged."

I love the concept and really, we do a modified version of it often. Not as often as once a week but I talked it over with my family and so far they're on board. At least until football starts...

Our first unplugged Sunday started out with a drive south to the Strawberry Lakes. These are small lakes, not lakes at all really. I wanted to check them out and maybe walk around, see if there was a launching area for the kayak. But we couldn't get close. There weren't any roads that weren't soaking wet and the bugs were really bad. So we drove around for a few hours.

We did pass a long lake called Deep Lake just south of town. It apparently isn't deep at all (just over 10 feet at the deepest spot). We were able to find a road that I could use to get the kayak into the water. I'm pretty excited about checking it out! The kids were excited to get out of the truck, especially the big one!

We saw a blue heron and countless (I really mean it!) hawks. It was a beautiful day, windy and bright. Just about perfect!

B found the Indian Head Shooting Range just up the road a bit and spent some time checking it out. It looks beautiful and peaceful (no one was there).

I found a few photo worthy things around too (I always do)...

I think this picture represents the prairies for me. A crazy, big, impossibly blue sky, green, green grass blowing in the wind, and colour, eye popping, surprising colour (lichen covered rocks, so orange and fun)...

I could go on, but I'll save it for another post... I really enjoyed our Sunday away from the computer, tv, phone and other gadgets. I'm already planning another trek (this time with trails and a map)!

Cheers :)


  1. What an awesome idea! Of course we're all city here but always stick to our familiar districts. I've always wanted to explore the city and take the girls around. I'll need to talk to hubbie.
    You guys up there have some of the most awesome nature finds!

  2. thanks stef! We are lucky to be surrounded by nature. It helps too that we can jump in the car and find a spot that feels completely wild and cut off (farmers feilds are anything but wild and cutoff but the hedgerows can be pretty spectacular!).

  3. Keep checking out the areas, and taking pics, so I can see summer there and all its beauty, as I can't enjoy them in person, I so miss being able to see the scenery and nature.


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