Queue Review

taking a look at what's in my never ending queue...

photo by Jamie Dixon

I love this blanket! It's from the spring/summer edition of Twist Collective. I think the month of April's Queue Revue's may all be from this online magazine!

photo by Jamie Dixon

This blanket is knit in DK weight yarn, a bit fine, but perfect for a small throw or baby blanket. I think I'm going to pick up something washable in a bright cheerful colour (like the picture) and do a bedspread size blanket! It would be cool to add a star/moon pattern around the perimeter of the blanket before the cabled edging.

I'll be pondering this one for a bit. It totally appeals to my hippy senses...

So what's in your queue?


  1. that is so pretty, I love the cabled edges! I try so hard to get my queue to under 100 items, but it's so hard... too many pretty knits!

  2. That's one cool kickin' blanket! Is that knitted in one piece or the border must be picked up? When I see suns I think of my BFF's daughter, Summer Sunshine Chang!


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