District Champs 2011

Well they won! Congrats on a great weekend of junior girls basketball! I'm still waiting for a copy of the team photo but here are some shots of the Superstar in action.

In the Gold Medal game, the Superstar shot 2 baskets and made play after play. I'm dubbing her the play maker. She was on fire! It was fun to watch.

You'd think this would be the end of basketball, but it's not. There's a game today and tomorrow. I'm sure there will be more. The Superstar is also signing up for BSI. It's a great spring basketball skill building session. She had a blast last year and I'm sure she'll love it this year.

Way to go Broncs!


  1. Congrats to their team! Woo hoo!!!
    How long has your daughter been playing ball? Does she also participate in a summer, basketball camp?


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