the prettiest mittens ever

No really, they are. I think they are prettiest thing I've ever knit. JoAnn says they are the prettiest mittens she's ever seen. So I'll take her word for it.

I do love them, they have cables and lace and teeny tiny stitches. But... right now, as I'm typing this it's -27C outside and these mittens have lots of holes all over. Pretty in lace, not really smart in the winter.

I've blogged about these mittens before so I won't go over those details (like what the pattern is and yarn, etc...). I did want to say how much I enjoyed knitting the first mitten. How challenging it was to keep track of lace repeats and the cable twist and the increases for the thumb gusset. I wanted to wax on about this all came together perfectly while knitting the first mitten. A real pleasure.

Then, I started the second mitten. I don't really know what happened but all my good knitting mojo flew the coop and I had problem after problem. It took me a month to finish these. A month!

I was listening to a Knitmore Girls Podcast  one evening in bed and knitting this cursed 2nd mitten when realized I was having one. A big one. A giant, big, "when knitting attacks" and I laughed out loud causing B to look at me funny (he was in bed too reading Stephen King, how he falls asleep after reading that stuff I'll never know). I started to write down all the mistakes I made on the back of the pattern.

Yup. It happens to everyone. Still, I'd knit them again, they are really pretty mittens.


  1. These ARE very pretty! I was going to ask about the holes and how they'd hold up to the weather. They seem perfect as mittens for the fall before transitioning into the REALLY cold weather. :)

  2. They're so cool and love the fine details done in that yarn. You are funny and too cute, Jill.
    Yes, how does your hub fall asleep after reading Stephen King?

  3. You're right, they ARE the prettiest mittens!!

  4. I have to agree...they are the prettiest mittens!


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