The Dream Satchel

Hi everyone! Happy Thanksgiving weekend to all my Canuck friends, and happy Saturday to everyone else!

I'm pretty excited to share a UFO (unfinished object) that may just be my oldest one. I started working on this bag early last summer as a knit along (or kal) in the Folklore and Fairy Tales Group on Ravelry. Every season they pick a story to read together and participants are encouraged to create a project that is inspired by the tale. Last year it was A Midsummer Night's Dream. 

I picked a free pattern from the online knitting magazine Knitty. The pattern is called Satchel by Stephanie Shiman. I like how easy it is to vary this design, add pockets, alter the sizing and adjust the straps. It's been knit in a rainbow of colours with the addition of colour work, embroidery and buttons.

I tend to like the plain and simple with touches of bold and fun. So I ordered some chocolate Knit Picks Wool of the Andes and held it double. It knit up quickly and felted well in my washing machine. I think I only ran it through 2 cycles and then 2 without soap. It took a few days to dry. It was very fuzzy. B gave me the weirdest looks as I sat a the kitchen table with a disposable razor and began to shave the bag. My little pile of wool fuzz grew to a good size ball. I sewed the strap on (separately knit and felted) and at this point the bag was done. The whole process only took a week at the most.

I threw it in a WIPs (works in progress) pile and forgot about it.

The blossoms on the bag were from my spider plant and I thought they were very pretty. I tried to embroider them that fall and it turned out much as I had imagined.

I had a great liner made up for this bag. I really wanted to add it but the felt is really thick and the sewing machine wouldn't go through it. I tried to hand sew it but my skills in that area leave a lot to be desired. My friend Sheryl said just use it. So I ripped out the liner took it outside and took some pictures yesterday.

I'm amazed and a bit embarrassed that this sat for almost another year until I showed Sheryl. Thank goodness for friends!


  1. I really, really, really like this! I agree with Sheryl. None of my felted bags have liners and they do just fine.

  2. I love how this turned out! Love the embroidery!


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