Wonderland Wrist-ees

I've finished a whole bunch of knitting projects that I really want to share with you, but can't. This one was supposed to be one of them, but the Super Star found them hiding and scouped them up!

The pattern is called White Rabbit Wrist-ees by Tiny Owl Knits. Check out her blog, it's filled with all kinds of whimsy and fantasy.

I knit these with some alpaca I picked up at the Western Canadian Agribition 3 years ago. I got a ton of yardage and have never used any. It's very soft! I also used some purple mohair that has been in stash for an equal amount of time.

My only complaint with these little mittens is that they are super tight. If I were to make them again I'd cast on a few more stitches, even just 3. It would it give them a bit more wiggle room.

The Super Star is in love with purple and yellow right now but she says these are "really nice Mom."

Yellow. I may need to keep to my eyes open for some fabulous yellow yarn! A bright yellow pair of mittens would be just the thing when the drabness of winter threatens to take over. Hmmm...


  1. They are so pretty! just a little hint of coziness, it looks like. thanks for the heads up on the sizing!


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