Mini golf and the beach

On the weekend we went to Bird's Point to check out Chili's Crab Shack and have some ice cream and a round of Mini Golf, a first for Mister Man. It wasn't a scored game so I can't tell you who won but every time Mister Man would drop the ball in the hole he certainly let us know that he was the winner and every time the Super Star and her friend got a raging case of the giggles I felt like I was the winner.

The beach behind the mini golf was not bad if you're into the raked over look. It was definitely busy enough and had an old school play structure (like the ones I grew up with made of wood and all the metal poking out) but if you walked to the end you came across a great fire pit. The beach was rougher there and a bit untamed.

I'm so amazed how many great skipping rocks there were at both the lakes we went to and everyone had fun seeing how many jumps they could get. B got super lucky though and found a fossil. We've taken it back home with us where it will live on windowsil until someone takes it for show and tell.

I had all these great plans to knit up a storm on this trip and I didn't. I did knit and got a fair chunk done, but I totally fell short of my goals! Next time I'll make some more realistic ones! I did have a wonderful weekend on the beach (in various spots) and in the sun. I went camera crazy and took over 500 pictures which I've whittled down to just under 300. I saw some odd and pretty things that I'll blog about another day, but my favorite moment by far was sitting on the beach at the campground and listening to the kids play and the waves hit and the wind in the Poplars with the afternoon sun on my face.

I think I caught a little Zen moment. So I wrapped it up and put it in my pocket along with the rocks and shells. That way when I take it out (later, when I really need it) the edges will be a bit dull but that lovely moment will shine just like a piece of beach glass.


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