Friday, February 3, 2017

Hey it's February!

How did that happen?! I think time is moving faster. I mean it feels like it was just Christmas and now we're into February already!

I've been doing some knitting lately and have my first FO of the year (well I finished 2 pussy hats so that's not true). But here is my first pair of socks for my 12 pairs of socks in 2017 goal...

I used some stash yarn scraps and did a plain vanilla sock pattern (Susan B Anderson`s How I Make My Socks, check it out on Ravelry if you`re interested, great free pattern). I usually make this pattern when I knit socks. It`s easy and slick. Plus it knits up fast! Especially when I make socks for me, which these are :)

I love this colourway, it`s from North Bound Knitting, an indy dyer from Ontario. It`s really fun.

I`ve started my February socks already. I`m not far along but I hope to get to the heel flap tonight. These are also for me and I`m using stashed Socks That Rock, and I have no clue what the colourway name is, the ballband is long gone. It`s bright and green and feels like summer.

I think I may go crazy for my next pair and knit some texture... I am kinda crazy like that. I have the Mercury Socks in my queue. They are a free lace sock pattern, I think I`ll make a pair. After that I may get really bold and knit a pair for Brent. He mentioned that he`s like a pair and I have yet to knit man socks... I may have to buy 2 skeins of sock yarn for him in a manly colourway. He`s probably not appreciate the crazy sock yarn I have in stash.

If you have any favourite sock patterns for dudes shoot me a comment below. I`d really appreciate the help!

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